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Women's Resource Centre (WRC) is a community service for marginalized women. WRC supports women to become active agents through self help, mutual support, community education and collective action. Workshops are developed in response to women’s social, educational and personal needs. WRC builds community education, knowledge and awareness through our programs.

  • WRC is a community centre that helps to improve the community’s connectedness and capacity e.g. by providing information and referral on local services; access to the internet, access to skills training, and a place for local groups to meet.

  • WRC offers community skills development workshops to increase community members ability to participate in their community 

  • WRC runs community building projects that help build community strength by building links between community members with a focus on including disadvantaged groups e.g. by holding social or cultural events or by setting up a community network around a shared issue.

  • WRC runs self help and social action groups, and other community organisations can use the Centre as a low cost venue. The Centre provides offices, meeting rooms and community access to low cost computers, as well as a photocopier, facsimile machine and other media equipment. 

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lights for lives 2015
Youth Week
One Billion Rising
Waste Reduction Art Project
Art for Peace
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Art for Peace
Bega March
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Art for Peace
Art for Women
Art for Peace
Art for Women
Art for Peace
Garden Workshop
Fishy Bird-Bather Bowl
Garden Mural
Art for Women
Basket making



WRC monthly mailchimp newsletter promotes workshops and events.

Women in business are encouraged to promote their activities.


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WRC is run on 'Women Power'.


Enormous amounts energy are given to our work, and whilst some of this is paid, a great deal comes free of charge from volunteers.


This reflects the communitys 

commitment and support of WRC via the volunteer management collective and the contribution volunteers make to the Centre.

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