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About the Women's Resource Centre 



The Women's Resource Centre Bega NSW is a community service for the women of the Bega Valley. WRC is run on 'Women Power'. Enormous amounts of time and energy are given to our work both in the Centre and in the broader community. While some of this is paid work, a great deal comes free of charge and reflects the community commitment to WRC. In particular, unpaid management collective members and direct service volunteers contribute to the WRC on a weekly basis. 

The centre is funded through the NSW Department of Communities and Justice - Targeted Earlier Intervention program.


The WRC objectives are:


  • To provide resources, including information and referral, to enable women to make informed choices.


  • To offer advocacy, support and resources for women with specific issues and needs.


  • Provide a safe and friendly space to relax and network with other women. WRC is place where women can simply walk in knowing that they will be free to express their concerns or worries to workers who will respect their dignity and confidentiality.


  • To network with groups in the community, agencies and organisations to identify and resolve issues of concern to women in the community, with a focus on prevention and early intervention.


  • Provide workshops, forums and community development workshops for women

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