Women's Resource Centre




Women's Resource Centre (WRC) Bega NSW is a community service for women. WRC workshops bring women from a range of different backgrounds together to learn new skills, work on existing skills and gain confidence from being with like minded women.


WRC supports and encourages women in self help, mutual support, community education and collective action. Workshops encourage women to work with others; if you are lonely you will meet new women; if you talk a lot you learn to listen; if you are too quiet you will gain confidence; if you are always late you will learn to be on time; if you are always right you will learn to consider opinions of others... 


A full program of workshops is offered in response to local women’s social, educational and personal needs. Workshops availability is dependant on one-off funding approval. Get SCREECH What's On e-news

Art for Women
Women's Art Group participant finishing her artwork
Art for Women

The Art for Women workshops are about embracing creativity and making artworks. Women are guided through creative art making exercises, and introduced to the intuitive process of spontaneous image work. During these workshops participants have the opportunity to learn about various kinds of drawing, printmaking and painting materials, whilst at the same time connecting with their creative inner self and finding expression in an affordable medium. These workshops require no artistic skill at all, more a willingness to explore creativity. The goal is not to make something beautiful, but rather to have fun and make something meaningful.


Trainers and local artists have supported women to create beautiful artworks, learn scrapbooking techniques and gain painting and printmaking skills.

Gardening Workshops
Backyard garden
Gardening Workshops

A local Permaculture Specialist leads our gardening workshops. It is a great opportunity for women and children to learn the basic practices and easy steps to setting up no-dig gardens at home. The workshops encourage women to begin a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and make their own home gardens sustainable. Women are able to boost their self-esteem and confidence by working with like-minded women outdoors.


Connecting Up
Computer Training
Computer & Internet Access
Learning how to use the computer


Broadband for Seniors and Computer Training

The Australian Government provided three internet computer kiosks to compliment the WRC facilities to support senior women to have free access to the Internet, computers and basic training.


The project aims to provide seniors with access to Broadband, which helps build confidence using computer technology, and to build community participation and social inclusion amongst older Australians. It benefits seniors who feel threatened by new technology and the Internet. It will enable seniors to learn for free how to use a computer, access the Internet and communicate with friends and family via email.


Free one-on-one individual computer training with a volunteer tutor is available for the community to gain skills and learn how to navigate and use a computer with confidence. Phone for an appointment on 6492 1367.


Free computer and Internet access is also available Wednesday - Friday from 10am - 4pm, no appointments are necessary.

Women's Boxing group
Fitness programs 

WRC offers a range of fitness program from Pilates, Yoga, Boxercise, Boxing to walking!  Groups meet regularly each week.  This group gives women an opportunity to begin a lifestyle of health and fitness. Women are able to learn easy steps to do at home and provides regular practice in stretch and strengthen, whilst boosting their self-esteem and confidence. All welcome by donation per session. https://soundcloud.com/abc-open-southeastnsw/womens-boxing