Southern Women's Group Inc.

The Southern Women's Group Inc. (SWG) is a feminist, charitable organisation committed to the empowerment of women. SWG aims to reduce inequality, poverty and disadvantage by supporting marginalized women on low incomes and/or those who are isolated due to where they live, violence, mental health, unemployment or that they have little or no access to community resources, meaning they are not able to participate in community life and activities. SWG's vision is for a community where all women feel included, empowered and supported to live free from violence and all forms of discrimination.


SWG is a hardworking service that empowers women with a high rate of success. We actively focus our energy on creating opportunities for disadvantaged women of all ages and backgrounds. Our organisation has an ability to understand community difficulties and be responsive. SWG seeks out and accepts challenges whilst building relationships that benefit women. We use logic and reason to solve problems in our community. We utilize our intuition to assess the issues of women; implementing programs that address their needs; providing them with transformative learning opportunities and helping to build self-esteem and confidence within our community.


SWG is a conduit organization for all levels of government as well as service providers due to 30 years’ experience and local knowledge.


Women love our quality rock-solid service. It is unique in today’s society; a women’s-only safe homely place to gain support on any issue. Women acknowledge our commitment to helping them solve issues and improve life skills.


SWG manages the Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) and encourages volunteer effort in our services. We direct this unpaid time and energy into the centre as well as social action and advocacy to ensure local needs are met. SWG and WRC are supported by a wealth of dedicated volunteers who generously give their time to promote the aims of the Centre, SWG Management Collective activities and meetings, staff support, the SCREECH newsletter, workshops, events and fundraising.


As well as the Women's Resource Centre, the SWG also operates the Far South Coast Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service, which provides information, referral and direct support for women and children seeking Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders in Bega, Eden, Narooma, Moruya and Bateman's Bay.

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Become a SWG member


Women of all ages and backgrounds are invited and encouraged to become involved as members of the Southern Women's Group Inc. By becoming a member you support of our aims and objectives and show support for our services Women's Resource Centre and Far South Coast Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Scheme.

'Just a Piece of Paper? 

Making your AVO work for you'

New Edition 2017

New edition of “Just a piece of paper? Making your AVO work for you” is available on-line click on new edition. 


The publication is intended to help people who already have an AVO for their protection and provides information about how AVOs work, how to report breaches and keep evidence of breaches, varying and revoking an AVO and AVOs and family law, immigration and victims support. The booklet also has information about staying safe including a new section on LGBTIQ relationships from the Safe Relationships Project at Inner City Legal Centre.


It contains ideas and suggestions to assist women to maintain the strength that they initially found to obtain the order. Order Form can be emailed to WRC or phone 64921367. 

SWG is a Charity
SWG is incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporations Act 1984. It is also registered as an Income Tax Exempt Charity, and holds Deductible Gift Recipient status.
SWG has a user-friendly giving portal – a place where you can put your dollars to work to start building the kind of world you want to live in. By clicking on the link the site is designed to help you and us!