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User Feedback  


Women who reported enjoying the activity, group or workshop 2017 100%


Women who reported that the activity, group or workshop met their needs 2017 100%


Women who reported that their confidence has increased since coming to the activity, group or workshop 

2017 96%


Women who reported that they learned new things by coming to the activity, group or workshop 

2017 98%


Number of women who said they met new people 2017 93%


Number of women who are now in touch with other participants outside of the activity, group or workshop 

2017 52.5%


Number of women who reported that they now have someone new to turn to in times of crisis outside of their household 2017 29%


What was the best thing you got out of the WRC workshop?

  • New things to learn and pursue in the future.

  • Gathering with other women to share quality time.

  • A way to express myself.

  • Gardening for the eco system and for health.

  • Learning to write songs and music for songs.

  • Inspiration, being creative and meeting new women from the area.

  • Art ideas and techniques, plus new friendships and networking.

  • Confidence to pursue activities and a great relaxation technique.

  • Knowledge, Comradery, Friendships, Fun.

  • Got to know other’s experiences and points of view and to know myself more.

  • Inspiration! Learned how to be centred and that I am not alone.

  • Learning new ways to cope with day to day things and to be mindful of my needs and how to meet them.

  • Computer knowledge. I have a better understanding of how adults learn and how to work more effectively with adults.

  • Unleashing my creativity and communicating with like-minded women.

  • A great workshop providing practical skills.

  • I am more focused on school work and learning.

  • Emotional release and a sense of wellbeing.


"Thank you for helping me with my IPad. At least now I can send and reply to email".

Maureen (A Broadband for Seniors participant)


"I have referred several of my friends to WRC and the outcome has been life changing, and would perhaps have ended in tragedy had this (service) not been available".

Denise community member


"WRC’s many activities and workshops give women the opportunity to connect and develop skills empowering them to take on further study and/or employment, reducing social isolation, and improving physical and mental well-being".

Beck Ability Links


"We would like to thank you and your hard working volunteers for coordinating, compiling and delivering Christmas hampers and gifts for distribution to families in need in the Bega Valley. Our service greatly appreciates this creative effort, as do the many recipient families for whom these hampers are a bright light over Christmas".

Far South Coast Family Support Service


"You do a wonderful job and I have always come away with learnt experience from the classes you provide. A very big thanks to Gabrielle for her referrals and encouragement with my illness…it’s been two steps forward and one back; and I am developing new beginnings".

Christine Q


"Many thanks for organising these workshops. I gained significant amount of knowledge by attending and I will also pass on information to my teammates." Lynette Winson Case Manager Dept Family & Community Services Aging, Disability & Home Care


​​"I’m writing to say how grateful I am for the help I received with my tax return volunteer.  She was kindness and patience itself and I thank her and you very much."   Valerie Lillington