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WRC Fundraising Silent Art Auction!!


Support our work by bidding on one of these beautiful local art works!! Artists have donated their work to help WRC.


WRC needs your help to pay increased costs at the centre, to stay open, to continue to be a strong safe place for local women ..


You can get your special someone a present or maybe just buy yourself a treat...


Your purchase will help support WRC at the same time!! and assist WRC to keep supporting local women...

  1. Annie Franklin "Backyard Lifecycles VI" painting (value $450) CURRENT BID $300

  2. Eryca Green "Reclining Nude" photograph - donated by Jan Ireland (value $250) framed CURRENT BID $200

  3. Kylie Ramsey "International Women's Day 100 years 1911-2011" print (value $250) framed CURRENT BID $80

  4. Tim Moorhead "Fish" lino print (value $50) unframed CURRENT BID $80

  5. Sam Davis "Looking South" photograph (value $150) framed CURRENT BID $80

  6. Gabrielle Powell "Container" woven rubber (value $60) CURRENT BID $55

  7. Daniel Lafferty "Teapot" wood fired stoneware (value $70) CURRENT BID $100 

  8. Nancy Brunton "Fish Net" basket (value $120) CURRENT BID $100

  9. Anneke Paijmans "History Box" ceramic (value $200) CURRENT BID $190

  10. Reiko Healy "Kimono" Japanese silk jacket (value $70) CURRENT BID $85

  11. Greg Postle "X-Ray" artist proof print is on archival quality canvas - unframed (value $500) donation by Hala Francka CURRENT BID $180

  12. NEW Accommodation donation - a night at Fernmark Inn Brogo with Hallie and Corinne (value $160) CURRENT BID $50


VIEW ARTWORKS - number 3, 4, 5, 8, 11 are on display at Horizon Credit Union Bega - other works are at WRC drop by and have a look :) 


MAKE A BID - email with your bid and item number.. each time there is an increase in the bid you will be notified to increase your bid...  BIDS CLOSE 5th April at 4pm...


WRC was started in 1984 by a bunch of local women - some are still involved as members and some are active residents of the shire... They had a vision to support women to make them feel part of a caring community and that they could gain confidence and rebuild their lives by hanging out together with other women!! 

KEEP HELPING - If you can't afford to buy something share this page with friends and/or write a letter of support.... or you might like to just DONATE at our GIVE NOW account:

Or Post a cheque or money order to Southern Women’s Group Inc. For more information contact WRC 64921367


Women’s Resource Centre is a non-profit organisation that provides information, referral, support and drop-in service for women of all ages.



Women's Resource Centre



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